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Hello dear members,

First of all, thank you for the confidence you showed in me during the election to the position of president.

My journey after more than 48 years in business means that I am sensitive to the challenges that we face every day and what life has shown me is that opportunities are always very close to challenges. It's about surrounding yourself with competent people and not hesitating to ask for advice.

The Haut Madawaska Chamber of Commerce is there to represent its current and future members in the development of a climate conducive to doing business and encouraging the emergence of new opportunities.

Réginald Nadeau 2018.jpg

Mr. Réginald Nadeau

It is with confidence and pride that I take this responsibility and I thank the members of the council with whom we are taking charge of the current files and will see to developing a positive climate in Haut Madawaska for doing business there.

The PIC 2.0 program is an initiative that helps recruit families and workers in Haut Madawaska. I invite you to contact the chamber to find out how this program can help you.

We look forward to meeting you at our activities throughout the year,

Reginald Nadeau


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